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Couples may seek out the assistance of a relationship counsellor for different reasons. Some couples may require premarital counselling and others may seek assistance of

a relationship counsellor to better manage issues that they may be experiencing within their relationship. Couple’s may also see a relationship counsellor for assistance when merging their lives together, for example couples that have never lived together wonder, “how do we make this work?”. A relationship counsellor can assist the couple better navigate through these questions.

Sometime couples experience conflict in their relationship due to differences in their wants and needs and a relationship counsellor can also assist them to improve these aspects of their relationship.

A relationship counsellor is impartial and won’t take sides, rather the relationship counsellor is instead guided by the needs and wants of the couple and their desire to make that particular relationship work. Relationship counsellors may be a psychologist that has attained additional training in relationship counselling and couple’s therapy or counsellors that have a particular interest in relationships and couples and obtained additional training to work with couples.

Couples Counselling, with a qualified couple’s therapist is $350 per 1 hour both partners present.

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